March Pastor’s Paragraphs

The wedding was over. The confetti had been thrown. The cake had been cut and the presents opened. Tom and his bride were alone at last. As the car pulled away from the curb, the bride moved over to the far end of the seat as far away from her new husband as she could.

“Tom, take me home!”

“Home? We haven’t even started our honeymoon yet. Our new home won’t be ready for three weeks.”

“I don’t want to go to the house you’re building, at least not yet…maybe not for a long time. Please take me back to my home.” 

Tom looked at his new bride in unbelief and amazement, but there could be no doubt about it. She was serious. His amazement grew as she continued, “Tom, I’m glad we’re married. We belong to each other, and I will use your name as mine. But, please, I want to go back to my old place. Now that we’re married, I’ll try to see you at least once a week. But as far as living with you in concerned, nothing doing! I’m going back to my  old ways, my old friends, and my old pastimes. Oh, yes, I do love you! I’ve accepted you as my husband, haven’t I? I belong to you forever, but I refuse to let you interfere with my life. I’m going to live to please myself. Of course, if I’m sick or if I need anything, I’ll call you right away. After all, you are my husband. In the meantime, thank you for loving me. Thank you for asking me to be yours, thank you for being my husband, but HANDS OFF MY LIFE!”

Isn’t this a mockery? To accept a person as husband or wife is an act of commitment. And that is exactly what it means to be a Christian. But unfortunately, there are many who call themselves Christians whose attitude toward Christ is the same as Tom’s bride toward him. They say they have accepted the Lord and belong to Him, yet tell Him by their actions to keep His hands off their life and continue to live as they please. What kind of commitment have you made to Him? 

Bro. Ken