Pastor’s Paragraphs

We were challenged in the recent Homecoming message by Rev. Ken Owens
to ask ourselves, as individuals and collectively as a church, if we are
fulfilling what God created us to be. What were we created to be? Servants
of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. What does that look like in a
practical sense?
In New Testament times, most servants voluntarily indentured themselves
to someone to whom they owed a debt. They then served until the debt was
cancelled. We too owed a great debt that we couldn’t pay which was
cancelled for us through the death of Jesus on the cross. And it should be
our great privilege to serve Him in gratitude. Are YOU serving Him?
We’re also to be faithful stewards, as we have been left in charge of sharing
the gospel, making disciples, and teaching the great truths of God’s Word.
Are YOU being faithful?
The goal of every Christian should be the desire to hear from the lips of the
Master, “Well done, good and faithful servant…” Will those be the words
YOU will hear?
A life of faithful servanthood begins with dying to self and putting Jesus on
the throne of our life. Every decision then becomes one of desiring to please
and honor Him.
Bro. Ken