August Pastor’s Paragraphs

People like to swim down the Danube River in Vienna, Austria. Extremely strong whirlpools often pull even the strongest swimmers into the churning water. But expert swimmers don’t worry about the currents because, rather than fighting and struggling against the pull of the water, they relax and allow the churning, swirling water to spit them back out again. 

That’s very difficult, and it’s just as difficult for us to wait on the Lord in the midst of churning trials. But if we’re patient and calm, we may find that the day of our disaster may be the day of our discovery. When the sun is shining brightly in our lives, often we depend on ourselves and don’t listen to God. He gets our attention though in the middle of storms! The Bible teaches us that storms of life are inevitable and they come to those houses built upon the sand AND those built upon the Rock. 

Sometimes God calms the storm and sometimes He calms us as the storm continues to rage. The great musician George Handel was recovering from a stroke that had left him with partial paralysis when he wrote The Messiah. Despite circumstances that could have destroyed him, God used him to create beautiful music, including The Hallelujah Chorus

Wait on the Lord and you too might just experience calm in your calamity and music in your mess!

Bro. Ken